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Car Finance and Car Loans In Brisbane

What exactly is a car loan or car finance?

Car finance or a car loan is a way to secure money to buy a car, motorbike, family van ute, truck or any type of vehicle to drive on the road. Car finance can be of great use when you can’t buy the car you want in one lump payment but you can pay for the car on a weekly basis.

Different types of car finance are available depending on the type of car you want.

New Car Loan: Cars that are brand new or almost brand new (up to 3 years old depending on the financial institution). The benefit here is the cost of the car will secure the loan making it the lowest interest rate option. This is definitely the most popular option for car finance.

Used Car Loan: Used for purchasing older vehicles that are up to ~6 years old. A used car loan may be secured by the car depending on the car chosen.

Unsecured car loan: This is usually for someone who wants to buy a classic car or a specialty car (maybe like a older Japanese import or a Delorean or whatever you can dream up!). Unsecured car finance usually have higher interest rates then a secured car loan.

Call us on 1300 111 459 if you have any questions on which car loan would be suitable for you and the vehicle you want.

Car Finance and car loans have helped hundreds of thousands of people get into cars, make sure you find out if a car loan is suitable for you. Here are a couple of things to consider:

With a car loan you can get a lot of different type of cars and borrow as much money as you like providing you can show you have the financial situation to pay the money back in weekly or monthly installments.

Depending on the type of car finance you get you can pay the loan off over as much as 5 to 10 years.

The amount you get for a car loan is fixed. Unlike a credit cards or home loans, you can’t use it to make impulse purchases.

Also on that point, the average car finance generally have lower interest rates that credit cards and personal loans to help you save and get the car you want.

For a fixed rate car loan or car finance you will always know how much you’ll need to contribute to your monthly repayment. Always knowing the exact figures is great for budgeting.

Keeping up you regularly scheduled payments you can pay of the debt and help improve your credit score!

Before you submit an application it is always good to consider if if your financial situation is going to change inthe not to distant future. This is a safety check to make sure that you can continue paying of the car loan until the end.

Applicants that have unpaid defaults on the credit file have a lot lower chance of securing car finance. Before making a car finance application please make sure that you have no unpaid defaults on your credit file.

Applicants that are unemployed have a very low chance of securing car finance, we recommend that you are employed before submitting an application for finance.

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^ Finance to approved applicants, based on chattel mortgage (for business purposes only), over 60 months with 10% deposit and 30% balloon payment. Fees and charges apply. Full details of terms and conditions available on enquiry or application. This offer is available to Business Customers only. Consumer prices available on application.

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