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How does caravan finance work?

Want to go camping, especially camping in a caravan? Or maybe even glamping in a real nice caravan. Today’s the day to start the process!

Most people when looking into caravan ownership choose a caravan loan or caravan finance.

Caravan finance is essentially works like any other loan or finance. You can choose between secured finance (usually using the caravan as security) or an unsecured loan. Either way, you end up up with a cool caravan to boldly go wherever you want to! A secured caravan loan can usually end up having a lower interest, but it could limit your selection on caravans, especially if you are getting a caravan with a an older build date.

With unsecured caravan finance, there’s more flexibility for caravan selection, especially if you have your eye on a gem of a second hand caravan. If you are unsure which type of caravan finance you’d like to go with, the best option is to submit a no obligation online caravan finance enquiry and we can explain to you in simple terms what options you have and taylor our answers to your specific scenario.

You can use caravan finance or a caravan loan to purchase all sorts of different caravans, from full caravans, teardrop trailers, pop-out or pop top caravans, RVs and motorhomes and whatever you can dream up.

You can expect a full breakdown of different caravan finance deals from multiple lenders. This way you can make the most informed decision about your upcoming caravan loan. In all finance we make sure that you do not over commit to a high loan amount that is not feasible to your circumstances. Due diligence is the the ultimate way to get your dream caravan with the best deal for your situation.

There are no hidden surprises in any of our contracts, all caravan loans are handled with the highest of care and attention to detail.

Contact us to find out what type of caravan finance will suit you best.

Based in Brisbane, national service.

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