How FlexiBuy Works

Our aim is to help everyone in Australia enjoy the mobility of a car.

We do this with 2 simple options!

Car Finance
& Car Loans

For people ready to own a car using a bank loan and have had a steady job for over 3 months


We find you the best loan under the sun, using our long-standing relationships with over 30 different lending partners.

Low weekly repayments.

We source the car for you, our brand connections can get cheaper prices than car dealers.

Fast & easy online application process, we can help anyone in Australia.

Trade in your current car to pay for your new car. We make sure you get a great return for your trade-in.

Our service is free, all you have to do is pay for your car. We'll guide you through our streamlined process.

Show Me The Cars!

Rent To Own Cars

For people who want a quality car right now that aren't able to get regular car finance.


Great selection of cars, new cars, people movers, luxury cars, daily commuters, and more.

Low weekly payments.

Return the car at any time no lock-in contracts!

Fast application and approval process!

Get a car starting at $90 a week!

Show Me The Cars!
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