Rent to Own Cars

Make every rental payment count!

Want to get a car today without a loan?

We can do it with cars starting at $55 a week!

Fast Approvals & Deliveries

Submit all your documents online for a speedy approval

Low Weekly Price

Drive away in a car starting at $52/week

Big Car Selection

Cars for the family, 4x4s, sedans, luxury cars, we've got something for you

Warranty Included

All cars come with warranties at no extra cost

All Cars Serviced

All cars come serviced and with a roadworthy certificate

No Lock-in Contracts

Return the car anytime, no fees, no questions asked

We've helped 1000s who are:

✓ Students

✓ Single Parents

✓ Bankrupt

✓ Unemployed

✓ Pensioners

How do rent to own cars work?

Rent to own cars is like renting a car but every repayment you make counts towards you owning the car outright.

If you decide at any time you don't want the car, you can hand it back at no extra cost.

No Credit Checks! Used by 1000's of Australian's because it's so simple!

honda accord euro - rent 2 own cars Brisbane

Accord Euro

First Payment: $1,000

Term: 104 Weeks

Weekly Rental: $101.26

Holden Cruze rent 2 own cars Brisbane


First Payment: $1,110

Term: 120 Weeks

Weekly Rental: $102.36

Lexus IS 250 - rent 2 own cars Brisbane

IS 250

First Payment: $1,650

Term: 208 Weeks

Weekly Rental: $111

How does rent to buy cars work?

Rent to own cars is like renting the car but every payment you make goes towards you having full ownership of the vehicle.


And, if you decide you don't want the car anymore, you can hand it back no questions asked!

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